Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lisbet Schultz

Lisbet Schultz
(ca.1880-1890?- ?) 
unknown and obscure(d)

German printmaker

To this day I knew Lisbet (without the th) Schultz only by the one big (44 x 50 cm) Sunflowers print and this other Gentian print. Both signed and monogrammed in a square.  

Both were recently offered on Ebay. The Sunflowers I can happily say is now mine. I just love sunflower woodblock prints. Lisbet Schultz proved to be a very obscure or obscured printmaker. I tried finding out about and investigating her before on the Internet but failed. Just this one other print I've found, a picture of a very nice and moody "lonely lady" print. In the best Art Deco tradition. Signed and monogrammend LS in a triangle lower left. 

But I haven’t been able to find it or retrace again. Her prints are very much “of the period”, she must have had a professional education and surely knew examples of work by her contemporary printmakers. It wouldn't surprise me finding she was acqainted with some of the finest German printers of that time like Daniel Staschus (1872-1953), Carl Alexander Brendel (1877-1946) and Carl Thiemann(1881-1966)
Just these three pictures. Untill today I found these thumbnails (I've fiddled a bit with in Photoshop to make them more presentable) in a Polish auction site offering these two (very crisp) woodcut prints by Lisbet Schultz in 2010. Signed and monogrammed plainly LS in the lower left. The Links for bigger pictures keep crashing. Boy, would I've liked to have a say in that bidding. I decided it's time asking readers to help combining forces and requesting sending and adding more information on the biography and hopefully more examples of the woodcuts by artist Lisbet Schultz. I am convinced she deserves it.

Any offers of selling or swapping prints (also by this artist) are most welcome.


  1. Ik heb een kunstwerk van haar. Mocht u geïnteresseerd zijn dan graag het juiste email adres vermelden.
    Bovenstaand email klopt niet.
    Groetjes Carolina

    Graag !