Saturday, 18 June 2011

Speaking of flamingo's ...........

Alice Schille
American watercolorist and painter.

This small but great flamingo's print (and poem) by Alice Schille is the only printed matter I've found made by this well known American painter trained in the Arts Student League of New York by William Merrit Chase (1849-1916)

And to make more complete this posting here are some other great Flamingo woodblock prints (some of them shown in earlier postings) and posters.
Helène Grande-Tüpke (Germany, 1875-1962)
 Ludwig (Heinrich) Jungnickel (Austria, 1881-1965)

Ethel Mars (American, 1882-1980), if this a fraction of a larger print: I failed finding it.

Viktor Wolfgang Pirkhoff (Tsjech, 1875-1962)

Robert Greenhalf (British, b.1950)

Charles Moser (Austrian, 1873-1939) thank you Lily
Martha Cunz (st. Gallen Suisse 1876-1961)
And I think Henri Verstijnen's  (Netherlands, 1882-1940) lithograph fitting in here very well.

Ludwig Hohlwein (German, 1874-1949)
Francis Lee Jacques (American, 1887-1969)
Julius Klinger (Austrian, 1876-1943)

And this recent Dutch bookcover
(Last flight of the flamingo)

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