Saturday, 31 July 2010

Edgar Holloway, Chrysanthemums

Edgar Holloway
(English graphic and portrait artist, painter)

AND woodblockprinter

"Chrysanthemums in stonewear vase"
Like my misreading also just one letter, creating such difficulties in finding F. Tidemand Johannesson in my previous posting, this lovely woodcut of Chrysanthemums in a vase was only unveiled and exposed after the auction-cataloque-makers mistake: she mistyped or misread: Edgar Halloway as the maker of this print. I have never seen it before, so a rare find ? Even if it's only a picture.

Thanks again Clive !


  1. I have just had a signed Edgar Holloway Chrysanthemum picture come into my shop. 40cm x 30cm. No white flowers in this one- can I email you a picture? I'm only researching to get a price.

  2. Jacky, please email me at I'm very interested.