Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hans Beers

Henri (Hans) Beers


Drawer, painter, book cover designer, scissor artist, wall decorator (paint and weaving), batik artist, glas window designer, linoleum and woodblock printer.
And then there was this print. On offer on a local auction site. Supposedly a linocut print on cloth 180 x 90 cm. The stunning design of fish and plants in a pond made me curious enough to do some research. The size suggesting this is a batik, a unique painting in wax, and dyed cloth. Or did he use multiple blocks printing the composition ?
Beers was a pupil of Chris Lebeau (1878-1945 Dachau, for helping Jews) and Samuel Jesserun de Mesquita (1868-1944 Auschwitz, for being Jewish), both famous and influential Dutch Art Nouveau artists. The woodcuts of Samuel J. de M. I shall show in a fortcoming posting.  Versatile artist Hans Beers probably married Go Volker who was also a batik artist.
I only managed to find one painting and the two other prints above by Hans Beers although he was awarded an exhibition in 1972 in Epe in the Netherlands.
1927 album cover designed by Hans Beers.


  1. What lovely finds you have collected here.

  2. Thank you Yoli for stopping by. Sometimes I quite "ad hoc" take such investigations at hand. A case of natural curiousity.

  3. There are two very nice woodcuts by Hans Beers, scenes of the Adriatic coastline, reproduced in "De Moderne Houtsnede in Nederland" by A. van der Boom, Amsterdam: Kosmos, 1928. A short biographical note states that he visited Italy and Yugoslavia in 1925.

  4. Thank you Andreas, I am always hoping someone will come up with more examples of the artists discussed. If you have the book (I haven't) and can send me copies I would be most grateful.

  5. Here is another Andreas, from Holland. Found your blog just recently, searching for information bout Hans Beers. I have 2 paintings of him, bought directly from the painter in Epe, around 1975. You're probably interested to see them, can send pictures to your mail address