Wednesday, 23 March 2011

NOID 11, Spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning
Collecting prints and pictures of prints and their printmakers resulting in a (computer) drawer with many not identified prints and printmakers. Most of these prints I found when they were on offer on Ebay or displayed in auction catalogues. Sometimes the same but unknown maker showing up.


Flowerprints of Gentian and Daffodils

by unknown German printer
Today I again would like to ask the help of readers and visitors who might recognize one of these prints and or the makers.

landcape by noid printer

(no signature or monogram)


I read: "G(eor)g Brunner" this print was on Ebay recently


"Steglitze", Thistle finch

(5) Sunflowers, big linoprint by Dutch printer, monogrammed lower left M.D.

(40x60 cm !)


Two prints by same but unknown printer

(I read Garberg or Gasburg)

(7) Flower bouquet by J. Prescher (unknown printer) (8) "Enzian" or Gentian I read: Lisbet Sch......... (Schulte ?)

If you recognize any one of these prints ore printers please leave a comment or email me:

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  1. Well, for what it's worth, my experience of unidentified artists, is that no one ever knows the signature and the only way to identify them is stylistic. This means if they aren't well known and don't appear in catalogues, for instance, they are very difficult to identify. I now hope someone comes along and proves me wrong.

    Good luck!

  2. You are probably right but stranger things have happenend. Do not underestimate the combined powers of blogreaders. I recall the recent rediscovery of Kathrine MacDonald and Victor Pirkhoff through a NOID posting. I'm confident there will be results this time too. I'll keep you informed.