Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Jan Wittenberg (II)

Jan Hendrik Willem Wittenberg

Dutch painter and graphic artist.
(Some of his) flower & stillife paintings

My first acqaintance with artist Jan Wittenberg was this painting of red flowers in a blue vase which is still my favourite.
I cannot resist after showing Manet's last flowers and the works of two of his contemporary American disciples Stanley Bielen and Nancy Tips. These 3 posting receiving many visistors to this day. So I guess there is an audience for the flowers and still lifes of Jan Wittenberg too.

It's what I brought together from various galleries and auction houses over time. In no way complete. But Wittenbergs works are very seldomly seen or shown (together).

Pictures are mouse-clickable (left)
Several pictures I borrowed at , they have a truly great archive on many Dutch artists.


  1. The paintings are stunning, they almost seem wet. Luminous and lush. Very appealing.

  2. one of my Dutch favourites.