Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Luise Schnitzler-Wintermeyer

Luise Schnitzler-Wintermeyer
(1894 Wiesbaden – 1971 Königstein)

German painter and woodblock printer.
Combining two passions (woodblock and lino-prints and genealogy) it gives great satisfaction shining some light on what has been a name written in pencil for quite some time.

This nicely colored honeysuckle (German: Geissblatt) impressionistic print signed with just: Orig. Holzschnitt by L.Schnitzler Wintermeyer.

Schnitzler rang a bell but that famous German play writer Arthur wasn’t a lead. I found a villa in Wiesbaden, the Villa Schnitzler, now turned into a communal centre. Writing to them at first did not work. But a second attempt resulted in a recent very nice answer by the City of Wiesbaden Archives’ director Dr. Brigitte Streich who did some research in the City of Wiesbaden's Archives.

Luise Wintermeyer was born in Wiesbaden 29-7-1897. Her father Louis, a farmer by succession and later Wiesbaden city-councillor and “Reichstag” delegate died aged just 41 in Switzerland in 1901. A year later in 1902 the widowed mother Hermine W. ordered the building of the beautiful Villa on the Biebricher Alee 42 in Wiesbaden. Luise married in 1925 principal Hermann Schnitzler (1895–1968) and the couple moved in in 1947 after Luise inherited the Villa. Luise died in 1971 in nearby Königstein. The villa named after the second owner Villa Schnitzler.

In the hall of the villa to this day hangs a portrait by Luise of her husband Hermann.

Possibly someday more examples of Luise's printing (or further facts on her life and art) will come to light.


  1. You are, of course, donating your woodcut to the city of Wiesbaden's archive.