Monday, 28 March 2011

NOID 11, and another, No.5


J. Prescher

"Archimandrill" send yet another example by printer J. Prescher. It appeared only recently on Ebay. These, convined to the local (German) market offers, often escape my searches. Unfortunatly. These finches on a branch are indeed a very desirable print and showing J. Prescher wasn't just another amateur printer. Thank you (again) for this nice surprise Archimandrill.

(Maybe the print would have looked like this when it was pulled from the block)

The birds btw. are Java Rice Sparrows or Rice Finch. Also called Java Temple bird (lat. Padda Oryzivora) a popular aviary bird.

Illustration by Rein Stuurman (Dutch, 1900-1984)

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