Friday, 25 March 2011

NOID 11: first and fast results

NOID 11 (2)

The combined force of the Internet and (Bloggers) is not to be underestimated. Two fast results concerning last posting on unidentified prints and printers.
J. Prescher, has still no identity but two more examples were found both from American sources indicating maybe this artist is an American from German descent. We have 3 prints now, all flower compositions. I perticularly like this red poppies print

And, one more example emerged by the hand of the German artist but whoms signature is not yet identified. Also 3 prints by him are now known. This print has some similarities with Martin Erich Philipp's (1887-1978) 1933 print "Japanische Quitte". That is for the bumble bee. Foxgloves (lat. Digitalis Purpurea) stealing the show here.

Martin Erich Philipp

Ernst Rötteken (1882-1945) also choose this decorative red flowering plant of the apple and pear family: Quince (lat. Chaenomeles Japonica). With Art Deco vase but without the bee. Thank you observant readers and please share any other examples or identifications if you know of them.


  1. A nice woodcut of a cat has turned up in Germany, catalogued as "I Prescher"

  2. Thank you Archimandrill, how very observant. I've updated the NOID posting with this nr. 4 print by J.Prescher.

  3. Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis. It's wonderful to have proven you wrong this time Charles. Thanks

  4. And another Prescher! I'm not sure what kind of birds these are.

  5. It is getting better by the day Archimandrill. Thank you very much.