Monday, 19 September 2011

Meriel Cooper Wallace, painter

Doing some research for future postings I stumbled over these great six macaws by not a printmaker but painter Meriel Cooper Wallace (1982). It was on display in Bahrain in 2010 were she apparently works and lives. So I learned from a 2008 edition of Gulf Weekly. English, born in the USA, and spending her youth in Kenia. That's all. No more pictures, nothing, nada. Would love to see more (and have a better/sharper parrots picture. This one was taken by an exhibition visitor).


  1. 10 out of 10 for trying, Gerrie, but the hard fact is this: no one does parrots better (or funnier) than Jungnickel!


  2. I agree, young Nickel is great (maybe even the greatest parrot printmaker) but I am going to surprise you the next couple of weeks with some great pictures dear Charles. Not necessarily printed ones and not necessarily parrots.