Sunday, 11 September 2011

Linolschnitt + papagei = Anja Baier

This is a result of feeding Google with these two words. Linocut + parrot in German. I haven't the faintest idea  who made these two prints, 31 x42 cm and printed from three blocks. This is the link to what seems a collective outlet of contemporary artists' work. Would very much like to know who did these (in editions of just 10). 

Added information: They are by contemporary German artist Anja Baier as reader Jürgen (see comments) pointed out to me within 12 hours after editing this posting.  
I just happen to love wood- and linocuts with parrots. Googling you'll find the obvious Heinrich Jungnickels, Norbertine Bresslern-Roths and some Martin Erich Philipps. However not one Fritz Lang in the query. But a handful of others which I will show in due time. But these are actually quite good, maker unknown. He or she capturing the nature of these noisy and busy birds in a new and fresh way. Using only three blocks.  And not just static, sitting, posing and modelling on a branch but active and surprisingly dynamic. 
I lov'um.

My activist brain missed the buttons and connections in that German website completely. Thank you Jürgen ! 


  1. Dear Gerrie,
    the artists name (Anja Baier) is mentioned on the website (on top of the portrait).
    See also:

    Regards, Juergen

  2. I completely missed it. You're absolutely right and thank you very much Jürgen. I will make corrections instantly.