Thursday, 29 September 2011

John Hall Thorpe: Free prints and Update

Thanks to reader Brian Merrony today the mystery of the 4 free poster prints ("after paintings by JHT") is now completely solved and illustrated. Thanks to Lily from the Japonism Blog after discovering the My Home Magazine November 1929 connection, of the first two prints. 

Today with finding a copy of My Home Magazine 1933 (with the two original prints still in it !) this mysterie is now completely documented.

Brian "by the way" sends his other JHT prints for sharing on the Linosaurus. And one he saw in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. To my surprise I have to admit I have never seen this Tulips in a vase, very similar in composition to the "Chines Vase". 

The other print is called "Anchusa" showing this wild plant with a butterfly. JHT must have had some good botanical knowledge because the Melitaea Cinxia or the Glanville Fritilaria he probably depicted here is often seen feeding on Anchusa Officinalis or Common Bugloss. The butterfly commonest in the South of England (region Portsmouth-Bournemouth-Isle of Wight)

Completing this update on the Flower prints by John Hall Thorpe I share with you this last find, sadly it's only of thumbnail dimensions, but I had never seen this great little "Anemones" before either. 

See for earlier Linosaurus postings on the Flower prints of John Hall Thorpe the postings of 

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