Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Speaking of parrots

While looking at parrots in the last two posts and going over my Personal Parrot Print Pictures files I came about another two examples, this is a nice opportunity showing them. 

R. Kampf, "pochoir around 1930". I found this picture after the item was recently sold on Ebay, cheapish (not very expensive), and no doubt to one happy buyer. The printmakers identity to me a mystery. (I did some picture polishing with PS because of bouncing flash right in the centre) 

And this dynamic blue parrot very much in the best Austrian Jungnickel-Bresslern tradition and style. From an older auction catalogue. Dated 1921, and signed by one R. Schmidt. A very able but also mystery printmaker.



  1. Gerrie, they have to be mad parrots to be in the Jungnickel tradition. Do cockatoos count? Becauase I have found an Austrlian one eating lemons. Very Jungnickel!

    Your second print is hand-coloured - the leaves have no keyblock at all


  2. Yes, all mad parrots count.

    The hand colouring, how very well observed. A second example would be interesting to compare