Saturday, 17 September 2011

Lynmouth woodcut print

What is the chance of finding a fine and typical North Devon fishing village woodcut print in a Dutch second hand and antiques shop? I had to do some real "excercising the little gray cells" trying to remember were it is. I've walked there, I've stood there and made photographs there. In the 1980's. It's ofcourse Lynmouth on the Nort Devon coast. 
The printmaker monogrammed his initials H.J. in the dinghy in the lower left. The same little boat seems to be anchored in precisely the same spot in the 1955 photograph below. He obviously changed the tides. Please help me identify him. He was very precise in realistically cutting and printing the view on Lynmouth harbour standing in the corner of the pier. A tourist and a Sunday stroll view. An artists view. A photographers view. And an icecream sellers and chocolate box painters view.
in 1955
and in 1896
in the 1950's
An anonymous chocolate box painters view in 1899,

Edgar James Mayberry (1887-1964) stood on this spot too:
Edgar James Mayberry

And Kevin Walsh (born 1950!) stood here. But more recently as is suggested by this wonderful Happy Days nostalgia painting (enjoy more of his great art here).
Kevin Walsh
Alan Tyers (born 1944) was here recently too, although painting from the other side of the harbour. In a silkscreen print style.
Alan Tyers
Probably on the same spot were Steve Pleydell-Pearce created this very nice and "different" view on Lynmouth Harbour. I couldn´t decide between the study and the real painting so I give you both. Great palette and fresh use of colour.

both Steve P.P. (Pleydell-Pearce)
And since you now have been here too, don't forget sending me the printmakers name. 


  1. Hi Gerrie,
    Thank you very much for including me in your fine selection of Lynmouth imafes through the ages. I really love the first image, the woodcut print, it's beautiful!

  2. What a remarkable fast discovery that was. By the artist himself. I did have to do my best finding out the "P.P." by the way. It took me some deep Googling finding your family name. Your paintings just had to be in there.
    Thank you very much for letting me use them.