Saturday, 17 July 2010

Adolf Kunst & Fats Waller

Adolf Kunst
(8-3-1882 Regensburg - 1937 München)

(German Archtitect, book-illustrator, ex-libris artist, etcher, linoleum & woodblock printer)

Wether Adolf Kunst is related to Carl Kunst I don't know. Answering one question and solving a problem often leading to the next. Kind of academic approach. Like I try to stimulate my students to do. Professionally. Staying curious. A habit and way of thinking not easy to lay aside in privat. Great fun too ofcourse but the question if Adolf and Carl were in any way related is not simply to be solved through the www.
Why Adolf's path and mine never crossed is easy to understand. I am not into ex-librisses. But as Charles (read his comment on Carl Kunst) raised a question about the matter I felt obligated to at least go into it a little bit deeper.

Adolf Kunst was appointed Professor at the "Baufachschule" in Münich 1912 and kept that position untill 1929. Besides his architectural career he illustrated many books and was in his time named specifically an "Alpine Ex-librismaker". He collected many of his Ex-Libris production in a book called "Ex Libris 1911-1930".

The Alpine quotation maybe a clue to a relationship to Carl Kunst who left us also and mainly Alpine pictures (posters).
He was a very productive ex-libris maker and will have been very popular and in demand. When you see the quality of his miniature printings you can imagine why. His Ex-libris printings are frequently on offer and widely collected. I perticularly like his litle flowerpieces.

Whilst writing this little noting I happen to listen to this (serendipity ?):
Fats Waller

(Harlem, New York 1904 - Santa Fé Express 1943), Pianist, composer, singer and entertainer.

One of the greatest and original artists of all time. And just an unforgettable song ofcourse.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about ex libris but you shouldn't assume that was all Kunst made. I have a linocut of a mountain chapel I bought this year. I also have the Karl Andres rose and it's a very nice thing. When you see it, the colour looks superb. One thing about bookplates is this: because they weren't framed, many retain their original freshness. And they're cheap! I don't know why I'm saying all this because everybody will be after them.

    Haji Baba