Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Else von Schmiedeberg - Blume

Else von Schmiedeberg - Blume
(1876 Worbis, Sachsen - after 1927 )

German portrait and landscape painter, woodblock- and linoleumprinter

Tulips in a vase, copy of a linoleumprint from the "Zeitschrift für bildende Kunst".

Not much is to be found about Else's life and works on the www. An occasional auction entry, not much more.

I learned she was trained in Leipzig Artschool and visited Artschools in Münich and Paris. She wrote a "Handbuch und Lehrkursus für die Kunst des Malens".
It was proposed to consist of 3 Volumes as she points out in the introduction of Vol I. It was published in Berlin in 1927 and dealing with the basics of technic and composition. Volumes II and III not to be found. Not even consulting Bookfinder.com. Somewhere I've read a year of her (supposed) death: 1927. That would explain maybe the reason the project wasn't completed. I have'nt been able to confirm this date.

Else states in the introduction that her Handbook was to be used as an active working book, and therefore it was published in 6 separate volumes in a dustcover with broadmargined pages "allowing to add notes etc.." allong the course.

Here are some illustrations by Else from Vol I.

(drawing on black paper, it could be a view on the Alster, Hamburg)

some proof of her skills and travelling Europe.
Besides the Red Tulips I am the proud owner of a really beautifull: "Originallinoleumschnitt Handdruck" by Else Schmiedeberg-Blume
How I became owner, after disaster in the German Postal Services, is another story but 3 monts after conclusion of the the deal with the elderly German couple that wanted to dispose of it (?) it is finally hanging rematted and reframed on my wall. It's one of the highlights of my collection (thank you Clive).

signed: "Originallinoleumschnitt Handdruck"
picture size 40 x 54 cm (!)
Amazingly only 4 colors (2 oranges, a blue and a red) were used to create this wonderfull impressionistic flowerprint. Suggesting the browns and greens and creating light and dark and depth, executed so clever. The very lean layers of paint, after some 90 years, still strong and vibrant.
Examples of two more linoleumprints by Else (courtesy of Clive, Art and the Aestethe,see also:

Any further information and pictures of Else's works would be very welcomed.

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