Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I would very much like to know:
Who made these 3 prints ?

(so I can find out if there is more to enjoy)
These titmouse were published last year november in Lotusgreen's Japonism Blog. "Sui Seki" is what is attached to the pictures' data but that has nothing to do with the maker. It's British and I think in the middle it says "by ........." but I cannot read it properly.

"Sleeping Gull" (japanese or scandinavian design ?)

Simple and minimal desing but great atmosphere.
signed: orig.lith. Handdruck
"Eisbären und Pinguins".
(Hope to find other animals by this artist)


  1. arggh! they all look so familiar. what makes you think the first one is british?

  2. I think Gerrie's right but I can't enlarge the image

  3. Hello Lotusgreen, nice of you to drop by. And Charles. Lower-left says Titmouse, Upper right says GB. Maybe it's a study. Maybe it's not a print. These birds donot "behave" in flocks(?). Where does it originate from internet-wise ?

    1. it's kono bairei. apparently i've run it twice and knew the first time but forgot!

      i am not getting normal comment boxes on yours charles' blogs. i can only reply, which doesn't show up as a normal post.

      did you guys block me??!

    2. thank youy lily, it's taken a long time but I'm very pleased that at least that one is solved. It is so loverly. And ofcourse we didnt't block you, Mother of all blogs and most faithful of readers and commentors . It must be some kind of Google bug, happens all the time.