Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Vladislav Röhling Part I: Praque, the 4 seasons

Vladislav Röhling
(1878 - 1949)

Tjech Printmaker, Painter, Etcher and Ex-libris artist.

Not speaking Tjech or even understanding the language at first I didnot know what my "Rainy Square in Prague with St. Nicolas Church print" was. Other than beautifull. Until I studied a Tjech auction cataloque and did some easy translating
My print was called Sv Mikulás (zima). Zima for winter. So I learned of existing Spring and Summer and Fall. The 4 seasons in Praque. Around 1940.

Here they are with more or less matching pictures from today Prague. The 1000 year city.

Winter: sv. Mikulás (zima) Old Town square with St. Nicholas church

Spring: Hradcany s letné (jaro): the castle on the hill dominating Praque as seen from the Old Town

Summer: Pohled s nábrezi (leto): View on Moldau embankments as seen from the Old Town

Fall: Sala Terrana Valstynského (podzim) Waldsteingardens with Sala terrana

Pretty accurate was Vladislav. In a Part 2 I'll show you some more examples of his art and more views on Praque.

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