Wednesday, 14 July 2010

last finds and NOID (3): H.J. ?

H.J. ?

Hopefully my Blog will one day atract some visitors who might know 1 or 2 things. 

My latest plan is to introduce a new type of postings: "last finds and NOID" on the Blog. Since I am both the owner and editor I think this is a great and wonderful idea. With a label attached it might even work better as the Blog grows.

These two unsigned (probably cut off when framed) but monogrammed prints, which I particularly like, have a maker that is untill now completely unknown to me. That is of no consequence neither for me enjoying them nor honest appriciation for this artist. But I believe a name to the monogram would do the artist honour. And most importantly, further investigations could be started. They are most probably of German origin (that's were they came from) but not a certainty. Maybe Dutch ?
I think these two prints are full of warmth and charm and have great class  Their measures aprox. 30 x 36 cm. (12" x 14,5"). I guess they originate from the 1920-'30's.
If you have any clue or idea about the maker, please send me an email or  comment.

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  1. At last I know who the printmaker ! In the end I found out myself some time ago but today stumbled upon my old posting. I now understand why I dared buying them, as a pair, without knowing who created them. The quality of the paper, the printing and composition is just fabulous ! Even without knowing who she (!) was. If you found this comment and still don't know yet but would like to: email me and I'll tell you. I keep it a secret for a while and not make it public for a while.