Sunday, 18 July 2010

H. Prausnitz-Sagert, a better candidate ?

H. Prausnitz-Sagert
(active around 1920 ?)

German printmaker
"Yellow Roses in Green vase"

Signed lower right: "Original Holzschnitt Handdruck". Signature Lower left.

The composition, perspective, the rendering of the vases' shadow and background showing similarities. I think my NOID print was rudely taken out a frame or was cut from a glued board surface to this new format.

The Internet not giving any further clues to this German printmaking lady. Nor any other work.


  1. Realistically it could be one of a dozen artists, though gender wise I think you are on the right track. It has that slight dreamy and washed quality that German women printmakers favoured between 1910-1920.

  2. Thank you Clive. I like the individuality of this print very much. So not knowing exactly who made it or wether it's unique doesn't matter. To me. It's much more advanced of what I am capable of producing. So lot's of respect to the NOID, probably German, lady.