Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Clifton Karhu the 12 months of the year

Clifton Karhu

the 12 months of the year


january pine

february plum

march cherry

april iris

may lily

june daffodil

july morning glory

august sunflower

september rose

october maple

november chrysanthemum

december camellia

Shall if share the 6 Zodiac prints too ?


  1. Hi Gerrie,
    I didn't know Karhu had such a great sense of humor. I really like these prints, they make me laugh. The plum and the snow scene in your last post are truely beautiful!

    all the best to Holland from snow-covered Bavaria,


  2. Hello Klaus, indeed you are right they are very humorous. I'm putting a post together with some more of my favourite Karhus pictures, so follow closely. Thanks for stopping by.