Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year, Best Wishes, Beste Wünsche

I have no idea who made this wonderful wood/linocut print but I am confident the maker would approve (re)using it this way.

For all readers and their loved ones:

Best Wishes for 2011

To all readers and followers old and new. At the beginning of a new year I would again like to explain the existence of this Blog. It is not meant as a scolarly vision on woodblock or linoleum printed or any other disciplin of art. I am neither educated nor equiped and have no such pretentions or ambitions.

For that reason there are other and far better Blogs to adress to like Clive's Art and the Aestethe, Charles' Modern Printmakers and Neils' Adventures in the print trade. See my Blog list.

This simple Blog simply helps me keep track of my mental where-abouts. I hope it will continue to be an outlet of my Internet excavations on the lesser Gods of relief printing. Occasionally on aestethic related topics I happened to stumble or step upon. Things I like to share. And I've met some very nice people and made new friends in all corners of the planet.

It was created as an intelectual exercise for my personal amazement and amusement. And yet, I welcome my 6000th visit(!) on the last day of 2010. 2000 visits in december alone. Started in june isn't that just amazing and amusing? I will do my best to continue and create more and better postings. Be patient, I am still learning.

Don't hesitate leaving comments on postings. Any feedback is most welcomend.


  1. Happy New Year to you, Gerrie. I always find a lot of interest in your posts.

  2. And to describe yourself as not educated is pushing it, Gerrie. But thank you for the compliment and happy New Year to you!