Sunday, 19 December 2010

Katasuyuki Nishiyama (1945-)

Katasuyuki Nishiyama
(1945- )

Japanese contemporary printmaker

Klaus' comment on the earlier Clifton Karhu post mentioned the resemblence of his work to this printmaker. I appreciate it very much when readers leave feedback or suggestions. So I did some homework on Nishiyama.

Born in Yamaguchi in 1945 he studied woodblock printmaking at Mikumo publishing house and began exhibiting with the Kyoto Independents in 1965.

He designs, carves and prints his blocks himself. His work is indeed very similar to Clifton Karhu. I pointed out earlier he was (even as a Westerner) of very great infuence to a new generation of Japanese printmakers. Like Karhu he favors depicting romantic views of traditional Japanese villages their romantic surroundings and every day scenes. I bet they knew each other very well.

His prints recall the rustic beauty of earlier times. Contrary to Karhu his prints are priced very reasonable and affordable. Just Google around and many more very nice examples show up.

Thank you again Klaus !

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