Thursday, 30 December 2010

Marcel Haussaire

Marcel Hubert Emil Haussaire

( ?? -- ??)

but probably turn of the century)

French painter en printmaker

In the same French (Paris) "Galerie Michel Cabotse" (see before posting on Amédee Jayau) I spotted these 4 nice woodcut prints made by one Marcel Haussaire. They are for sale, for those interested.

The two horizontal prints obviously belonging together. The windmill printed in the same color ranges. I had seen them before on an English auction site but here they are. In France from an edition of 60.
Pays Basque (Pyrenées) rentrée des foins
(arrival of the hay)

Pays Basque (Pyrenees), Charette de boeuf (traditional Ox cart)

Sometimes digging in the www. unveiling new treasures and facts but this time my researches drew an almost complete blank. No dates no other prints. Nada. Therefore I decided to add these photograps of traditional life as Marcel Haussaire choose for his two prints

Just these two other works showed up in older auction cataloques. The painted young lady not a bad sight for sour eyes and very well painted in an interesting and technically difficult pose (odalisque). Very nice colors. Therefore it is even more amazing nothing else would come up although I've tried very hard.

But this watercolor landscape below.

Maybe some reader will add some more light on this artist who seems so unjustly almost completely obscured from our attention.



  1. I wonder what technique he actua;lly used on those prints. The colour ones in particular look very finished.

  2. I think the finished look of the colors may also be influenced by the surface of the probably thick paper used.