Saturday, 11 December 2010

Clifton Karhu, my favourite prints

Because Clifton Karhu was not as known to you as I thought he would be I decided sharing a selection of my favourite prints with you. From Paris (1968) to his latest colourful and geometric, almost abstract compositions.
Unfortunatly his prints are way outside my financial reach. The two selfportraits showing he had become (and was accepted) truly Japanese. He was of great influence to a new generation of modern printmakers in Japan.


  1. Some of these prints show a strong resemblance to the works of Nishijima.

  2. You are absolutely right Klaus. I checked and there is indeed a remarkable resemblance. Thank you for showing me.

  3. It is not Karhu's work that resembles Nishijima, it is Nishijima's that resemble Karhu's. Nishijima is completely derivative of Karhu and shamelessly copies his style.

    1. What can I do but edit your comment ? To delete it upon reading is one option. It is unpolite, uncivilesed and too easy, spitting comments and opinions completey anonymous in the air.