Saturday, 18 December 2010


Since it is my Christmas holiday now and the weather isn't very inviting to go out, children and grandchildren not arriving for a week I might as well get some back postings done.

Again I ask your help on a not deciphered autograph and to me unknown printer. I read L. Bürgel, Bingel or something like that.

It was on Ebay not long ago and although my main interest is in flowers and bouquets on woodblock and linoprints I sometimes cannot resist adding a print I particularly like. It's rather a small print, measuring only 14,5 x 17 cm or 5 7/8 x 6 3/4 inch). It has an intriguing detailing and the soft graduations of greens, blues and purples. There are even some dwellings visible in the valley. Since the maker wrote "Orig.Rad." lower left, and the very fine lines in the trees I think it is a combined wood engraving and blockprint.

Maybe a clever reader recognizes the signature.


  1. Sorry, I can't read the signature - you need someone used to German handwriting of the period - looks like Brirgel to me, but that can't be right. Brügel, maybe? Anyway, I think this is a colour etching, probably coloured à la poupée (all the colours hand-applied to the plate at once, for each impression). Orig. rad should mean original etching.

  2. Thank you Neil, for trying and explaining the technique possibly used. "Original Radierung" meaning etching a plate or maybe wood engraving ?

  3. Gerrie,
    this looks like an etching (not a wood engraving) by Ludwig Bürgel, an Austrian artist(1901-1972).

  4. Thank you Claus, that's him alright. I am already preparing a small follow up posting on Ludwig (1901-1980) coming up soon.