Sunday, 12 December 2010



Today when I find a nice picture of a nice print I try not to forget to label or tag it were I found it. This very great linocut print I undoubtedly found in some auction cataloque. In my over enthousiastic period. Your help is needed because I cannot find it again.

When you are this good a printer it must be obvious to some reader who knows who he or she might be. I photoshopped the picture (cleaned it) because it was rather browned and had several brown spots in the sky as you can see in the cloud in the middle.

I read: "Janet Eu...." (Eunice, Eames)------------"Linocut" (but this could also be a last name) and possibly an annotation of a edition number or year.

The red boat is named "LONDON", the (fishing ?) boats Thames barges ?

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