Sunday, 20 February 2011

Arie Zonneveld (II)

Arie Zonneveld
Dutch linoleum and woodblock Printmaker
It is very difficult adding dates to the lino and woodblock prints (he combined linoleum color blocks with a wood keyblock) of Arie Zonneveld. But there is no doubt in these 6 benevolence cards he was invited to make for the year 1931.

He was just 25 years when he made them. All of his creative output (some 50 prints) made between 1925 and 1941. There is a great tradition in the Netherlands for children selling house to house "Kinderkaarten" (Childrens Cards) and benevolence postage stamps. These were one of the first. They are not that easy to come by because card collectors of all disciplines want them.

In the same atmosphere Arie created these two prints, the reason I show them here.

All images are mouse clickable.

In preparation:

Landscape and Dutch scenery prints by Arie Zonneveld.

Flowers and Bouquets by Arie Zonneveld.


  1. Generally how big are these? I like the kid.

  2. The top six were published and printed as postcards in 1931.

  3. these are so charming. they remind me a bit of the illustrations by smith & greene et al for the book of the child.