Sunday, 27 February 2011

Arie Zonneveld (III)

Arie Zonneveld
Dutch woodblock and linoleum printer

I have the intension showing you Arie Zonneveld's woodblock and linoleum prints in episodes. Today episode III, his dune prints and grouped together the prints of a favourite landscape he made multiple prints of.

l: dune poplar, r: dunes

Above a copy of an oilpainting by Zonneveld mirrored 180*


  1. It's interesting the different appraoches he took. The top two landscapes have a touch of Delft about them, formal and quite modern-looking. The yellow and orange one is deco. He must have been quite prolific

  2. He made some 50 and he clearly went through a fast developement. It all stopped to early when he died aged 36.