Monday, 7 February 2011

Pedro Joseph de Lemos (I)

Pedro Joseph de Lemos

painter, printmaker, architect, illustrator, writer, lecturer and museum director. Also an influential theorist and educator.

His most influential roles were those of teacher, theorist, author and arts administrator. Today as an introduction I show you his two books (he published more tutorials) that are of great interest to collectors, critics, artists and students to this day.

Applied Art, first published 1920
this edition: 1936 Pacific Press Publishing Association
for B.T. Batsford Ltd, London

The Art Teacher, first published 1931
this edition Sixth Printing 1947
B.T. Batsford, Ltd London

Both books can be found easily ( And won't hurl you into bankruptcy. 400 pages each and packed full of drawings and enjoyment on every page. Besides they give a preview or retrospective view on the compositions, color combinations and Notan, the distribution of light and dark, he (and many others) used in his paintings, drawings and prints.

My next posting will show all prints by Pedro de Lemos I was able to excavate from the Internet and other sources. Hopefully some more will emerge. To my knowledge there is no official publication on Pedro de Lemos’ Art to this day.

See also Clive on his excellent Blog
for some more explaining, a print and two paintings by de Lemos.

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