Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hail Sweet Retirement


(and time on my hands)

Hail sweet retirement
Lead me to thy bower
Where fair content
Hath spread her loveliest flower
And let nougt break upon
The sacred hour
Save some true friend.

Robert Wilson Hyde (US, 1875-1951) designed the flowery surroundings and the poem with its wonderful paraphrasing of times ahead is attributed to Charles Frederick Eaton (US, 1842-1930). The book (edited 1906) is in the collections of LACMA (Los Angelos County Musuem of Art) and was revealed on Japonism on februari 6th )

The day I ended my professional career I read the Posting and the Poem. My expectations couldn't have been better put into words. Thank you Lotusgreen for this present and your unrelenting exposing things of beauty and wisdom.


  1. i love those serendipitous moments!

  2. Gerrie - I hope that retirement will offer you many chances of fulfillment and happiness - a quest for beauty and knowledge can never disappoint.

  3. Thank you Neil, and how nicely phrased. I'll keep you informed of my wellbeing sharing newly discovered knowledge and beauty in the friendly environment of the Linosaurus.