Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Steven D. Schindler

Steven D. Schindler
Awarded American (childrens) book illustrator

How this wonderful Freesias woodblock "Artists Proof" print (note the bug on the leaf in the lower right) landed on Ebay puzzles me very much. It's very classic in design yet must have been made rather recently. Unless I am wrong about the identity. Googling I found an author Steven Schindler, and a sportsman Steve Schindler (1954) Both not likely candidates.
And there is the awarded childrens book illustrator. The more and most likely candidate. Was it his pass time achievement and how did it get on Ebay ? All I know he is as good at block printing in the old fashioned way as he is in modern illustration technics. I'm quite happy having his freesias but knowing what route it has taken to land on the other side of the world would make me even more content.

The Discovery documentary about the incredible cooperation between bird and humans finding honey to their mutual benefit I saw only the other week.

Are more examples of prints by Steven Schindler known to readers ?


  1. Who knows what? How does anything intereting get on ebay?

    I think you have the right guy. I'm only annoyed that you saw it rather than me. There must be others.

  2. yeah, and i even did a search for the signature, which seems to match, despite the fact that the styles in his books look absolutely nothing like this, sadly.

    gerrie, please make your correction for that artist's name in a comment i can post.

  3. Thank you for trying, maybe someday ......