Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Josephine Siccard-Redl

Josephine Siccard-Redl
(1878-Austria -1938-South America)

Austrian printmaker

I grab the opportunity using this Blogposting to point to Charles' "Modern Printmakers" recent postings (febr. 2011 and nov. 2010) on this forgotten artist. By showing Josephine also did some flower prints which happens to be my addiction. And the reason for this Blog.

In "Modern Printmakers" Charles is showing her Italian prints, many different sailing boat prints, wintery Austrian landcapes and some farm idylle. And artistic and biographical facts and opinions about her life and work.




With thank to Lotusgreen (Japonisme Blog) were I saw the bouquet prints for the first time.


  1. Gerrie, there are two more versions of the daffodils if you want to add one or both to this post.