Monday, 7 February 2011

Pedro Joseph de Lemos (II)

Pedro Joseph de Lemos

began his art studies in the Bay Area. In 1900 he was a pupil of Arthur Matthews at the Mark Hopkins Institute and continued his studies as a student of George Bridgman at the Art Students League in New York and Arthur Wesley Dow at Columbia University Teachers College.

Returning to Oakland, Lemos set up his studio overlooking Lake Merritt and began teaching at U.C. Berkeley. He also worked as an illustrator and designer and began teaching classes in decorative design and etching at the San Francisco Institute of Art, formerly the Mark Hopkins Institute, in 1911.

Lemos was a founding member of the California Society of Etchers and one of his prints won honorable mention at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915 for which he was chief organizer of the California print exhibition. Frances Hammel Gearhardt (1869-1958) exhibited there too.

He was Professor of Design at Stanford University and was appointed director of the Stanford Museum of Art in 1919. First president of the Carmel Art Association, Lemos was also affiliated with other art organizations including the California Society of Etchers, the California Print Makers, the Palo Alto Art Associations, the Chicago Society of Etchers and the Bohemian Club.

His influence was widespread and his achievements were honored in 1943 by his induction as fellow of the Royal Society of Art in London.

The purpose of this posting is to shown together all the pictures of woodblock prints by Pedro de Lemos I've collected strolling on the Internet. To my knowledge there is no publication on his art or woodblock prints. If you know of more prints please let me know.

Most pictures have good resolution, one ore two haven't. If you have better ones I would appreciate sending me a copy. Most pictures are "mouse clickable". I hope I have surprised you with one or two not often seen prints. I have a file with some paintings by de Lemos which I will post on request.
The text in this posting I borrowed from: the International Fine Print Dealers Association.

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  1. Gerrie, you have a Urushibara mixed up in there - 'Pine trees at Bournemouth'. Unfortunate really, because IJ's work is more subtle and puts de Lemnos in the shade a bit.

    I like the series of leaning trees. I also recognise one small image that went for some big price on US ebay.

  2. Thank you for the keen eye and letting me know. Slip of the keyboard but I should have seen it ofcourse. His prints are museum stuff, like Rice, Dow and Gearhardt, not for the mortal collector I'm afraid.

  3. What about prints from his own books? A number of his other woodcuts appear in his book Applied Arts which is widely available, although long out of print.


  4. Hello Dave, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I've refered and shown prints from both books by de Lemos in the posting of febr. 7th. Both wonderfull books and also dead cheap, wonderfull to read.