Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Davira Fisher

Davira Fisher

American (Ohio) painter and printmaker.

(This posting was updated september 28th 2011)

With last post ending up in America with Frank Eckmair, showing his use of the white in print making this is a good opportunity showing another example and some nice prints by Davira Fisher.
Up for auction on Ebay very recently was a color print by African/American printer Davira Fisher. The seller not able or refusing to answer questions. I don’t know why her African roots were mentioned but an educated guess might be in the 1940-50’s attending university and having a career as a professional artist in the US was something noticeable.
I Photoshop-fiddled these next color print images a bit to make them more presentable. As the seller honestly admitted both prints (in one buy) were in need of some serious restauration. Priced accordingly however they didnot sell. Strange. I maybe would have but couldn't.
above: "To many steps", 8/10, 1958

above: "Fuller street", 1/10, 1956

Davira Fisher was an awarded and respected Cincinatti, (Ohio) printmaker in the 1950-60’s, and was born, lived, exhibited in and studied at the Cincinatti Art Academy. She exhibited all over America in the most prestigious galleries and museums.

There are very few examples of her print making or biography available on the Internet, still I was able to dig up some in the Ohio State University Archives. And an exhibition cataloque telling that at least 20 of her prints are known. So maybe an attentive reader will some day add some more. Who knows.
Above: "Rainy Day".

I hope you've enjoyed. Please feel free to send me more details and pictures of Davira Fisher's Art for an update if you like. Or just leave a comment.

This posting was updated sept. 28th 2011


  1. I have 5 Davira Fisher prints including the Fuller Street and To Many Steps that you picture above. I bought them on eBay which is probably where you saw them.

    I have "A Touch of Sunshine" 7/20 dated '71, "Peace" 19/20 dated '69, and "Lovely Houses" 10/16 '55. Lovely Houses is black on white.

    There is one for sale in eBay now for $500...way more than I paid for any that I have.

    I lived in Cincinnati for several years and found Peace there and became interested in her work.


    1. Thanks Roy, I suppose I saw her in Ebay first. It's a good place as any finding new interests and artists, kind of flood line. If you want to shaw examples please send (email in the contact button).

    2. Roy, are you interested in selling any of the Davira Fishers you own? OR do you know where I can find any?