Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sidney Long (closing)

Sidney Long1871 – 1951)
Australian painter, teacher, etcher and printer.

Completing my affair with Sidney Long I cannot withold showing his "Tranquile waters". It is the painting that made Longs name in Australia. Back in 1894. It was much discussed and talked about and led to a good deal of controversy and scandal. Because of the (homo?) erotic(?) bathing boys. But after painting and disclosing Spirit of the Planes (flute player, woods and cranes) in 1887 and Pan in 1889 he was forgiven. Through their succes he now is considered one of Australia's greatest landscape painters.
Here are some of my choosen pictures, to begin with these paintings in oil: "the morning moon",
And "reflections on McDonald River".
Inspired by Constable visiting England: "In Constable land".

And some great watercolour paintings. With some some more great trees.

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