Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sidney Long, Paganism, Saters and Trees,

Sidney Long
Australian painter, teacher, etcher and printer.

Leading member of the "painter-etchers" in Australia.

"sadder than a single star that sets at twilight in a land of reeds".

Finding some of the Stark Davis' Lincoln ads on Thom Buchanan’s “the Pictorial Arts” Blog I stumbled upon this great scene by Australian artist Lindsey Long. Leading of course to the discovery of more great pictures. I won’t go to deep into this great Australian artist (just follow Wikipedia) and will restrict myself to his earlier Pagan, Pan, Trees and Flamingo's finding some truly magnificent examples of very fine prints, paintings and watercolors of (Art Nouveau) trees. The popularity of his earlier mystical an pagan paintings (he also reworked into prints) allowing him financially dedicating the rest of his life studying abroad and to painting. He was a contemporary of Australians Norman (and Lionel) Lindsay and Thea Proctor.


Spirit of the Plains

Next: Sidney Long's Flamingo's.

Thank you Thom Buchanan:

Thank you Silas Clifford-Smith for pointing at:


  1. Fascinating to see the paintings and the etchings with aquatint side by side. Thanks. There's a whole book to be written about the obsession with Pan and paganism in this generation of artists and writers.

  2. a stunning retrospective with wonderful choices of images.

    i played with a couple of his images a couple of years back, because my moss looked a lot like his cranes and flamingos!




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  6. Interesting post, partly because I thought about doing one about Long myself. But you have turned up a large number of images. It's curious how he played on the same theme and same image.