Saturday, 14 May 2011

Frank C. Eckmair

Frank C. Eckmair
(born 1930)

American printmaker.

Today an introduction to the printed world of New York born printer Frank Eckmair. Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking Ohio University and long time printmaking teacher. Some other scheduled postings will have to wait when last night I stumbled upon this nice landscape "under the Hill" and than found some more real nice prints I would like to share. His favorite subjects are New York rural life and landscapes, old barns, houses and trees. Always in small editions.

Most striking in all his prints is the use of the white of the paper. The shape and form, the amount and distribution. Using the white as an integral very carefully designed part of the print. Like a key(block).

Visit the New York State Museum at
discover and enjoy more of the world of Frank Eckmair including a short interview in which he explains about his motivations and his art.

This last one “end of the procession” with the crowd and coffin a picture you won’t ever forget.


  1. Hoi Gerrie,

    Wat een prachtige site voor een prachtige discipline. Schat aan informatie!
    Ik verzamel grafiek sinds ik het werk van Arie Zonneveld leerde kennen. Gaaf om de drukken die bij mij aan de muur hangen nader verklaard en in artistieke context te zien!



    ysebaert @ gmail com

  2. Dank je Elmer voor je bezoek en reactie, all comments very much appreciated.

  3. Very interesting, Gerrie. The ways in which artists balance the blank space of the paper or canvas against the marks they make are very intriguing. This artist has found a very personal and effective solution.

  4. Indeed he has, I find them very attractive. I noticed this way, the use of the white + the perspective is strongly leading your eye through the composition, discovering and translating what's there. And what's (everything unnecessary or distracting) not.

  5. Such beautiful stark images!