Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jeff Leedy, boys will always be boys

Jeff Leedy

American contemporary comic and humoristic painter and drawer.
Seller of printed copies.

I am using this artist to introduce some American printers in separate posts upcoming. The artist whom’s portrait you see against this comic painting below acting as a bridge (a mnemonic, what a nice word) to his predecessing colleague and woodblock printer John Humski (1898-1985) whom you also, like me, probably have never heard of before.

"But I don't do the windows"

Boys will always be boys as this boy is showing in this printed version of “the Pisser”. Popular artist and leading US comic painter Leedy works in pastel, selling both original drawings as the printed versions. The Pisser (great title) my favorite. Speaking as a boy.

Next: the surprising woodblock prints by comic book artist John Humski (1898-1985), member of the 27 Chicago Designers amongst which I found some very good fellow printers that will follow soon after.

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