Thursday, 19 May 2011

John Humski (27 Chicago Designers)

John Humski
(Germany 1895-1985 Winnebago Wisc.)

Comic strip artist, cartoonist, painter and woodblock printer.
Member of the 27 Chicago Designers.

Humski was professionally busy in the 1920-50’s and besides drawing comic strips he also was a very clever relief/woodblock printer as you can see by these three very nice and pleasantly colored prints I’ve found.Humsky and his family emigrated to the USA in 1905 from Germany. I just stumbled upon these prints but I decided they deserve sharing. They are from his estate. This painting below one of the few other examples I could dig up is also very charming. Judging to these compositions and use of color I think he must have been a very nice man. Humski belonged to the 27 Chicago Designers in the times that Chicago’s graphics industry was the second largest industry after the meat(packing) industry. Among its members I've found some colleagues that are worth sharing too.

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