Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Edith Pijpers 1886-1963 (Updated 03-2011)

Edith Pijpers (1886-1963)

(dutch watercolor and oil painter, woodblock printer)

page from the sketchbook of Edith Pijpers

Edith Pijpers was born 1886 in Amsterdam and died 1963 Amersfoort. She was a very versatile artist. She studied at the "Teekenacademie" in The Hague, was trained and worked in watercolor and oil and also made woodcut prints. I've never seen or found any of her printwork.

But when I went to High School in Amerfoort in the 1960's I saw a page from a sketchbook for sale in a second hand bookshop window. A teenager still I bought it from my carwashing earnings. The little boy on wooden shoes was the first piece of "art" I bought in my life, is still with me and hangs in my study.

St. Ansfridus church in Amersfoort (Netherlands) by Edith Pijpers. The only church in the world dedicated to this Saint. On my way to High School I passed it many ears.

Saint Ansfried, Ansfridus or Aufridus (born ca. 940 - died may 3th 1010 in then convent of Hohorst near Amersfoort. A nobelman in the Holy Roman Empire. Untill 995 earl of Hoei, later bishop of Utrecht. Founder of the convents of Thorn (990) and Hohorst. Declared Saint, celibrated on the day of his death: May 3th.

These paintings in oil by Edith Pijpers have a very woodblock print atmosphere. Hopefully I'll find more examples of her prints one day.

Update 2011, march 29th:

This oilpainting was send march 29th by reader Bob Verheyden. Thank you for sharing.


  1. And I delivered papers and biked by that church and never realized it was there.

    1. Ha die JW, ik zie je commentaar nu pas na bijna 3 jaar. Omdat het via een andere route buiten mijn email is omgegaan denk ik. Goede herinneringen rondom de Amersfoortse Berg en het ALV zeg maar, de kerk in het midden, onder de Lichtenberg. Karin woonde er vlak bij.