Tuesday, 8 June 2010

J. Betz


Dutch printmaker

"Handdruk" around 1920-40 ?
(17 x 21 cm)

A fleemarket find. The new happy mat and the original frame maybe not to everyones taste. But you'll have to admit: it really draws attention. "Handdruk" suggesting a Dutch maker (In German it's spelled "Handdruck").

Not without skill and talent. However, the makers identity other than his or hers signature J.Betz, is enveloped in obscurity.

Ribbed glas vases by Art Deco glass designer A. D. Copier (1901-1991) became very fashionable in the Netherlands. And they stil are. They are of a timeless beauty. However I donot know of a round vase design by his hand. A contribution on his glass vases is in preparation.

In Germany two Art Deco (Bauhaus) glassartists designed these round vases: Richard Lauke and Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900-1991) around 1939. It's really hard to see great differences. They are considered very collectible and are very much appriciated nowadays. A nice one, at auction, will set you back about $ 100 +. Combing fleemarket and carbootsales you can find one for 50p. Ebay is a good source too. But beware you'll find yourself not alone there.

Laukes design is called "Felicitas" and was manufactured (blown) by Glassfabrik Weisswasser, and Wagenfelds design "Kugelvase" or "Honeyjar vase" by the Vereinigte Lausitzer Glaswerke. Maybe it was a joined venture.

model "Honeyjar"

model "Felicitas"

"Kugelvase" by Wilhelm Wagenfeld

more examples

This one, a Dutch designed ribbed vase, probably made by the Leerdam factories.

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