Friday, 18 June 2010

John Hall Thorpe: Flowerprints

John Hall Thorpe
(1874 Victoria - 1947 London)
Australian - English woodblock printer and painter


Finally, at last. Against the odds and better judgement. My first John Hall Thorpe. Probably the one and only. But the finest of his flowerprints I think. To own a fine print by one of the very "big" artists is great. This time not an investigation or reflection on his life or on his art. That's not for me. Has been done, the man has been world famous for almost a century. Controversial opinions too. Degraded as calender art by one, declared saint, overrated and overpriced by others. These Marigolds, in its original 1920's frame and perfect conservation and colors was offered nearby and what was more important: at an affordable price. Couldn't resist. No matter what others think I think it's marvellous.

I could not find an oversight of all (?) of his flowerprints on the www. So I build my privat collection of pictures. Woodblock-print pictures from artdealers, museum and auctionhouse cataloques. Sofar I found 17 in all. And two published prints from paintings by JHT.

Here they are, for my own recollection and for all to enjoy. Please send me others (or better ones) if they exist, and please send me the missing titles if you happen to know them.

L: Cowslips. R: Crocusus and snowdrops.

L: Panzies. R: Primroses.

L: Forget-me-nots. R: Pinks.

L: Unknown title. R: Unknown title.



Sweet Peas

L: Pick of the Garden. R: Wild Flower Bunch

Flowers and Fruit

L: the Chinese vase. R: Summer Bunch

Also have I found these 2 published prints very similar to the woodblock designs. "From paintings by John Hall Thorpe".

L: "spring begins", R: "from the woods"

PS: Thank you Clive your expert opinion and discussions on your great Blog. It helped me very much.

September 20th 2010 I've added this flower print .

Note july 2011: as this posting is the most read on the Linosaurus I inform readers there has been updates and additions on JHT prints. For further reading and information:


  1. dear gerrie

    your posting dated friday,18 june 2010 of john hall thorpe is much appreciated.I was at a junk auction and found this woodblock,the one you have listed as "no title" on your was in a lot,covered in a reddish dust, with some other no value framed prints.luckily it was framed behind glass so I took the chance that the dust had not got inside the frame and bid on the lot.having disposed of the other prints I took it out of the frame and found it to be in mint contidition.then I could read the artists signature,lower right and the title "the chinese vase"on the lower left.thought you might be interested in this information

  2. Lucky you ! I'll correct the title, thank you, gerrie

  3. Hi there,
    Im looking to purchase a John hall Thorpe print as a gift and im not sure where to start! Any advice would be apprecaited!

  4. A really informative blog. I have three Hall Thorpe's for sale currently - all in lovely condition and in original frames. If you can find them cheaper anywhere on the web let me know and I will try and beat their price by 10%.

  5. Hello, I usually donot promote commercial activities through my Blog. But in this case I would be interested to know the response after I've forwarded your comment and website in todays new posting. Please let me know.

    1. Hi I have two JHT prints from original paintings in original 1920 frames. One is called A Cottage Posy (which isn't in your list above) and The Pick of the Garden which is. Any idea how much they are worth and the best way to sell? Many thanks for the great blog.

    2. Garry, according to last weeks (yesterdays) Ebay sellings: 100-180€