Sunday, 20 June 2010

Margaret Jordan Patterson: Flowerprints 1

Margaret Jordan Patterson
(1867 Soerabaja - 1950 Boston)

American painter and woodblock printer.
White Dogwood 1950 , Margarets last woodblock print.

To my knowledge there is no book covering the life and art of the "Master of Color, Light and Design. Very popular and appreciated once, collected, and presented in many museums, forgotten later and a new interest and revival after 1980. I learned a lot reading this very informative article by Cindy Nickerson:

The purpose of this posting is to bring together the flower woodblock-prints for personal reference, recollection und fun. Without any further pretensions.


I learned that "White Dogwood" was the last print Margaret was working on at the time of her death in 1950. I have no idea of any chronology in all the other prints. Just one is dated: foxgloves, 1921. This Part 1 will show the vertically designed prints, Part 2 will show the horizontal designs. Just for page make-up reasons.

L: Zinnias, R: Hollyhocks

L: Summerflowers. L: the White Rose

L: Unknown. L: Zinnias

L: Morning Glories. R: Foxgloves, 1921

Compare the 3 prints with a black background with earlier posted flower prints by John Hall Thorpe and Thomas Todd Blaylock.

Painting, oil, (summerflowers ?)


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