Wednesday, 2 June 2010

George (Gerhard) Winkelmann

Gerhard (or George) Winkelmann
(probaly) German Linocut printer
The recent discovery of the Cockatoo print on the www. lead me to finding a second print by this unknown linocut printmaker which I think is worth showing .

Kakadu (Cockadoo), around 1930

"Cranes", around 1930

These birds wrongly named "Cranes" and the print offered for $ 1100 (!) by a well known Internet artdealer inspired a Dutch artist to this metal sculpture below. He was given the print by his grandfather. Again, the complementing orange and bleu, the contrasting b&w and the simple but delicate design make a very appealing (and desirable) composition.

Actually the birds are Storches, a bird also present in the coat of arms of The Hague, residence of the Netherland (and the artist's). Also a very Lowlands symbolising migrating bird.

I found a third print mentioned ("Ploughman") in Australia but no picture was found.
Nothing on the www. telling anything about the life of Gerhard (or George) Winkelmann, printmaker.

One Henri Gerard Winkelman (1876 - 1952) was Dutch Commander in Chief of the Armed Ground and Seaforces at the time of the German Invasion in 1940, stationed in the Hague.

Hardly a candidate for the unknown artist. Or is he ?

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  1. I will email you a copy of 'Ploughman' by George Winkelmann which was on ebay early this year.
    It's always pleasing to get these loose ends tidied up.