Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wim Weverling

Wim Weverling

("Unknown" Dutch printmaker)

A fleamarket found woodblock "Handdruk" (handpulled) print titled Snowey Barn, signed Wim Weverling '27. In its original frame.

Such old prints really becoming more decorative rematted with a happy color. Hard to imagine some-one throwing it out and I am to find it on rainy-day fleamarket visit, really making my day. I wished my cutting skills were up to William's . Investigating the www. turned up nothing about my Wim Weverling. Nada.
Well, just these 4 very attractive and rather wonderfull prints by Weverling's hand. They are really shouting Pablo, arent they ? What happened with Wim between the days of his classic "Snowey Barn" with a touch of van Gogh night sky to these very expressive modernistic pictures. 1927 - 1945 ?

Undoubtedly designed as a set. One is signed 7/10, 1945. Offered by a bigcity Book and Printdealer. If it was just one, but now I know them I would go for all four. Way too expensive !

de witte vogel (the white bird)

l'oiseau blanc

Koozerij (cosey)
vrouwen en dieren (Women and animals)

Any information on this artist welcomed.


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