Monday, 7 June 2010

Janet S.C. Simpson

Janet S. C. Simpson
watercolor and etcher
"On the ramparts Bruges"
Sometime ago I picked up this pretty lithograph. Janet Simpson wrote on a separate piece of paper that has been carefully preserved along with the print:
"Dear Florie, this is another reminicance of Bruges - that first morning when we were waiting for the Sluisboat. A lithograph - printed from four stones, one on top of the other - which accounts for the places where the colours don't quite fit.
Much love from Janet".

Staple Inn


Janet Simspon exhibited between 1904 and 1938 at most major societies and galleries in England. She was a Bronze and Silver winner at the Royal College of Art. Studied art Lambeth and RCA.

Exhibited in Abbey Gallerie 54 times, Grosvenor 1, Walker Liverpool 19, Royal Academy 29, Royal Society of Painters and Etchers 49 and in the Royal Scottish Academy 7 times.

And yet I cannot find a single example of other works nor any biographical recordings.

Any information on Janet most welcomed.


  1. You can find a print of Janet in the book,Treasury of Art Nouveau Design & Ornament: A Pictorial Archive of 577 Illustrations, selected by Carol Belanger Grafton. Janet's illustration is on page 79 (image 245). This is a great book, it has illustrations from 1894-1920

    The ISBN is 0-486-24001-0, it was printed by Dover Publications.

    I hope this helps,


  2. Anthony, thank you for stopping bye and leaving a comment. It's great to hear that even after over a year some one finds Janet on my humble Blog. Before I try finding (or ordering) this book could you possibly send me a copy of the page, or good photograph of the illustration please?

  3. Gerrie, this must be a lucky week for you!
    In the 1960s, as a schoolboy working on Saturdays, I delivered bread to Janet in the village of Brenchley, Kent. As I recall, she was a little silver haired lady and one of the few customers that would occasionally offer me a cup of tea in exchange for a chat. At Easter and Christmas she would give me a ten shilling note for myself (a tidy sum in those days). In 1964 she gave me a printed Christmas card (which she signed) of one of her works - being of three angels looking over the cot of a sleeping child. When I finally stopped being her "baker's boy" - I believe two years later, she gave me eight post cards of her work and most generously, an etching of the Bridge at Berwick upon Tweed, which she signed in pencil for me. Recently I have had it framed and it hangs above my desk at home.

  4. Bob, it's always nice receiving comments and feedback. And it's a great personal story, shining some light on Janet's otherwise somewhat obscured artists life. If you could please send me some photographs of the work you have and the postcards to share on the Blog. If you are interested in my small framed litho at friendly small price let me know too. Hearing your story It is better at place with you then it fits my personal collection of prints. You'll find my email in the contact button above.

  5. Pam Hardy nee Stanford18 February 2016 at 23:02

    Hi.I knew Janet when I was a child as my parents had lodged with her at Crook Cottage, Castle Hill, near Brenchley when they were first married in the early 1950s. She was a very old lady by the time I knew her, dying in the late 1960s. I have a water colour work she left me, also several signed etchings.