Saturday, 19 June 2010

Thomas Todd Blaylock: Flowerprints

Thomas Todd Blaylock
(1876 Dumfries, Scotland - 1929 Salisbury)

English painter and woodblockprinter.
-- Contemporain of John Hall Thorpe --

A collection of his flower woodblock printings. Pictures collected from museum, auctionhouse and gallery cataloques. His art, most of his prints published in the 1920's, very similar in style and execution to Hall Thorpe's. It is not ment to be complete, put together for recollection purpouses only. Maybe you can help sending me others, if they exist.

"Delphiniums", in glass vase and in a red earthenware vase.

L: "Nasturtiums",  R: "California poppies"(printed on silk)

"Kingcups" (printed on slik)

Chrysantemums in a decorated vase.
Polyanthus in a jug

Daffodils in a gray vase.
Bluebells in a glass
Anemones in a pot.
And one example of a watercolor by Thomas Todd Blaylock:
Sweet peas in a ribbed glass vase
Thank you Clive for borrowing and all the good Blogg reading on Blaylock and Hall Thorpe.


  1. The yellow flowers in a blue vase as titled 'Kingcups' - I have this painting.

  2. You are very lucky. It's, by the way, not a painting but woodblock color printed. Thanks for stopping by.I will change the title accordingly.

  3. The woodblock to the right of "Nasturtiums" is titled "California Poppies." We have both of them, inherited from my wife's parents.

  4. You're two lucky owners. Thanks for stopping by and helping, I'll add the new title.

  5. I own the beautiful artwork on silk titled 'Marguerites' in the original period frame.
    I am interested in the correct terminology for this type of artwork as I want to sell it with correct artwork details.
    If these artworks are known as woodblocks should they be called gouache woodblocks as it is a thick paint that is used rather than coloured ink.
    Also, am I correct in saying that there would have been many woodblocks used with a covering of paint and then applied in a particular order in layers?
    Appreciate sharing your knowledge.

    1. Usually I do not reply questions or remarks written completely anonymously. But yes: they are called woodblock prints, each layer, detail or variation of color requiring an individual wood or linoleum block. PS: my email is in the contact button above.

  6. Hello - I have a lovely work of Mr. Blaylock I would like to know more about, if you would be so kind. I will try to attach a photo if I can! Thank you in advance. Mary

    1. Thank you, I look forward to it Mary.

  7. I have a piece of work done by t.t blaylock it Is flowers could I have your email to send the pictures too

    1. Please do Sarah: