Sunday, 20 June 2010

last finds and NOID (2)


Looking for and bying old frames in fleamarkets for my rematting and framing enterprise I picked up a very neat square frame with a nice calanderplate. On the backside was an old artdealers and framingshop label from the Haque (Netherlands)

After removing the backing board this nice handpulled print came out, some pencil signing was hidden under the frame because there was no mat. I count 7 well preserved colors, 3 browns, 2 greens, red and gray.

I cannot make out what was written also because the lower part seems to have been cut of. A name, or something ending "print" ?
The Drinker

My last Ebay bargain (postage exceeding purchase) I couldn't resist. From an English sketchbook probably, just 5 x 5,5 inches (11 x 12,5 cm). When he puts his glass down he'll start singing !

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