Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sidney Long (closing)

Sidney Long1871 – 1951)
Australian painter, teacher, etcher and printer.

Completing my affair with Sidney Long I cannot withold showing his "Tranquile waters". It is the painting that made Longs name in Australia. Back in 1894. It was much discussed and talked about and led to a good deal of controversy and scandal. Because of the (homo?) erotic(?) bathing boys. But after painting and disclosing Spirit of the Planes (flute player, woods and cranes) in 1887 and Pan in 1889 he was forgiven. Through their succes he now is considered one of Australia's greatest landscape painters.
Here are some of my choosen pictures, to begin with these paintings in oil: "the morning moon",
And "reflections on McDonald River".
Inspired by Constable visiting England: "In Constable land".

And some great watercolour paintings. With some some more great trees.

Sidney Long , Flamingos !

Sidney Long(1871 – 1951)
Australian painter, teacher, etcher and printer.

Discovering nice things always making me curious and investigative. To know if there's more. Well, there was and so here are Sidney Long's flamingos.

Hope you like them. As much as I do.

Sidney Long, Paganism, Saters and Trees,

Sidney Long
Australian painter, teacher, etcher and printer.

Leading member of the "painter-etchers" in Australia.

"sadder than a single star that sets at twilight in a land of reeds".

Finding some of the Stark Davis' Lincoln ads on Thom Buchanan’s “the Pictorial Arts” Blog I stumbled upon this great scene by Australian artist Lindsey Long. Leading of course to the discovery of more great pictures. I won’t go to deep into this great Australian artist (just follow Wikipedia) and will restrict myself to his earlier Pagan, Pan, Trees and Flamingo's finding some truly magnificent examples of very fine prints, paintings and watercolors of (Art Nouveau) trees. The popularity of his earlier mystical an pagan paintings (he also reworked into prints) allowing him financially dedicating the rest of his life studying abroad and to painting. He was a contemporary of Australians Norman (and Lionel) Lindsay and Thea Proctor.


Spirit of the Plains

Next: Sidney Long's Flamingo's.

Thank you Thom Buchanan:

Thank you Silas Clifford-Smith for pointing at:

Frithjof Tidemand-Johannesen, an update.

Carl Frithjof Tidemand-Johannessen

(1916 -1958)

Norwegian artist, designer, illustrator, writer, author and craftsman.

Attentive blog reader and Tidemand fan Tim pointed me with his comment to this recent and extensive entry in Wikipedia dedicated to the life and art of this Norwegian artist. Because the two postings of 29.7 and 12.8 2010 on this artist are, besides those on John Hall Thorpe, the most read postings of the Linosaurus, I decided sharing this information here.


Thank you for commenting and letting me know Tim.

Apple orchard in Bloom (1953)

City of Myth (1949)

Fishing boats in Sicily (1957)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Winthrop Stark Davis, the Lincoln Automobile Ads 3/3

Winthrop Stark Davis
American painter, printer and illustrator

The Lincoln Automobile Co. Advertisments

In this posting I show all (11) Lincoln Automobile Ads I could find. Some of these examples I found at: mydelineatedlife.blogspot.com (a visit is recommended, lots of nice illustrations in high resolution). The birds are great, the cars: well, they don't make them like that anymore.

I really don't know if these eleven ads were "it". There might have been more. I'm very curious. If you have any, please don't hesitate commenting or email me at : g.caspers@hccnet.nl

Winthrop Stark Davis, more paintings 2/3

Winthrop Stark Davis


American painter, printer and illustrator.

27 Chicago Designer.

After Stark Davis' colourful parrots here are some more examples of his art. Birds of paradise, phantasie birds etc.. He must have been very succesful with these compositions in his days, because all pictures I could find show these animals and all are closely resembling in style. For his inspiration (the parrots, aigrettes and gibbons) he must have been also a faithful visitor of Chicago's Lincoln Park ZOO. See also the Linosaurus : http://gerrie-thefriendlyghost.blogspot.com/2010/11/elisabeth-sawyer-norton.html . Today again his paintings (he worked mostly in pastel) fetch high prices in auctions.

Stark Davis will be mostly remembered for his parrots pastels but also for his cooperation with the Lincoln Automobile Co. advertisments. He used (earlier) paintings and motifs for these illustrations that were very popular and famous in the 1920's. I don't know if they actually helped selling Lincoln Cars but the ads stood out.

I think I detect a wink at Japanese printmakers in this Siamese cat, lotus and "falling from the sky" bird.

These unforgettable gibbons (above, almost like a Holy family, my favourite

I found some other pictures but they were are too small to be shown here. Sending more examples of Stark Davis paintings for sharing to g.caspers@hccnet.nl would be very much appreciated.